Is It Possible Stop The Band-Aid Approach to Health Finally Help People Get Well?

(Without Always Relying on Prescriptions or Adverse Side Effects)


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Here’s how I can help your audience get started…

  • Understand the 3 critical health care mistakes (even good doctors make) and the easy ways to eliminate them in order to become a brilliant physician who helps people actually feel better.
  • Discover how to create a “Therapeutic Encounter” using the skills you already have to establish stronger relationships with your patients, provide a curated and customized plan specific to them (no cookie cutter care) that gets real results.
  • Access the must have tools and enlist the guidance you need in order to hone in on your intuition and strengthen your skillset with honest feedback and quality support.
  • Dispel the myths around what it means to be a Medical Intuitive and how it can be the missing link for providing optimal care for your patients and creating a fulfilling and thriving practice.
  • Bring a fresh, down-to-earth perspective from an Ivy League educated and licensed medical doctor who understands how the body works but also knows there is something else at play that will make you and your audience rethink effective healthcare.

The average doctor visit in the U.S. lasting only 15 minutes. Half of the time is required for paperwork. This leaves you with just about 8 minutes to actually talk and listen to a patient. Therefore, it’s getting even more difficult to help people get better – and stay that way.

But I know the more that highly educated and trained medical professionals begin to understand how to effectively integrate medical intuitive skills into their care plans, the more powerful their practice will be.

In fact, multiple studies have reported that increasing levels of spirituality correlates with decreasing levels of medical utilization, health-care costs, and death.

You will be able to understand these skills, implement them, and create a practice that’s truly transforming people’s lives and fulfilling while still being profitable and offering a high level of personal care.

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Meet Me

With a degree from Princeton University, I became an Ophthalmologist and Glaucoma specialist – and owner of Eye Associates of Central New Jersey for over 10 years.

After launching my own successful practice with over 11,000 patients, people continuously were entering my office telling me that doctor after doctor had not been able to truly help them. They were merely masking symptoms.

This is when I realized that my medical intuitive skills had a major role in the health of my patients. When I integrated these skills patients constantly reported that symptoms were subsiding and they were feeling better – and staying that way.

What makes me different from other highly trained, board certified physicians is that I am able to use my well-developed senses of clairvoyance and claircognizance to understand the source of a patient’s physical symptoms. By focusing on specific strategies and solutions for a specific patient, I am able to put them on a path to wellness and healing.

That’s why I decided to help other doctors and medical professionals do the same. By equipping doctors with the correct tools and skills to implement an effective intuitive reading, create the right care plan and build strong relationships with their patients, I am creating a community of medical professionals who are committed to shifting what health “care” truly means, while also running a thriving practice that’s fulfilling and profitable – and transforming the lives of their patients.

Where You’ve Seen Me

  • “Our World” with Neil Cavuto on Fox News.
  • “Nancy Grace” with Nancy Grace on CNN.
  • “Live with Adam Carolla” on The Playboy Channel.
  • “The Mancow Show” with Mancow Muller in Chicago.
  • “Meet The Experts” with renowned book publicist Arielle Ford.
  • “Medicine Woman, Modern World” as host for web series focused on healthy living and travel.

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