“Healing the Spirit: How to Know, Love & Heal Yourself from Any Illness, Injury, or Disease”

Are You Ready to Learn the Lesson Your Illness, Injury, or Disease Is Trying to Communicate – So That You Can Experience Total Healing?

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August 15th, 2018


12pm – 6pm ET / 9am – 3pm PT

Learn to know, love & heal yourself from any illness, injury, or disease.

You are the one who lives in your body, thinks with your mind, and fill with your soul. When you are fully aligned with who you are, you can begin the path to healing.

Your illness, injury, or disease is in your life to bring you a message. We’ll be decoding the message so that you can love yourself through your healing.

When you know yourself and love yourself (and your illness) then you can heal yourself. All healing comes from within! It doesn’t matter what your “diagnosis” is – you can be cured!

Maybe this sounds familiar…

  • check-circleHave you ever know something is wrong and yet you can do not know how to fix it?
  • You’re frustrated because your prestigiously trained doctors can’t seem to find any answers for you either – and you know it isn’t “all in your head”.
  • You have a “diagnosis” that you know in your heart-to-hearts isn’t the whole answer – and you’re ready to get to the root cause of your illness.
  • You want to be able to use your intuition, or “gut” feeling, to know more about your own disease? Or help a sick loved one or child?
  • Spirituality is missing from traditional medicine – and know that getting aligned with your soul is one of the keys to healing!
  • You’re ready to be healthy – and you know that true healing goes well beyond pills, diet, and exercise. But you don’t know how to create it!

I’m Dr. Veronica Anderson, Licensed eye surgeon and practicing medical intuitive.

I believe, deeply, that to achieve optimum health, good vision – in every sense – allows you to clearly see the path to understanding what your body is telling you.

After our time together, you will understand the trigger and meaning of your illness. From that understanding, you can experience complete and total healing!

​Purchase your ticket to the live virtual event​ for $197…

You are not your “diagnosis.” You can be healed.

If you’re like so many of my patients, you know that your illness is an opportunity to learn about yourself, experience total healing and the chance to move along the journey of life.

And you’re sick and tired of not knowing how to bring the elements of your body, your mind, and your soul together with the treatments, prescriptions, therapies, and surgeries offered to you by modern Western Medicine!Purchase your ticket to the live virtual event​ for $197…